World Postal Solutions

Sending mail at low prices?

Do you regularly send bulk direct mailings, catalogues , magazines, books, parcels, invoices in the Netherlands and abroad? Then you could probably realize significant cost savings!

World Postal Solutions is an independent intermediary in the area of direct mail and sending mail (parcels). We provide solutions for the most efficient way of sending your bulk mail at the lowest rates, both domestic and international.

Sending mail to international destinations can be done in various ways. By shipping bulk volumes World Postal Solutions offers you purchasing benefits. Especially with large numbers this advantage can really make a difference to you.

Our Services

We can take care of your:

  • Direct mail
  • Daily mail
  • Parcels
  • Transportation and Logistics

In addition, you can use our know-how, full knowledge of the (inter) national postal market, so that  your checking of rates in any country and the conditions that apply to your mailing or postal packages are no longer needed. In short: we take care of everything for you.

Advantages World Postal Solutions

  • For shipments at the lowest rates
  • Knows the alternative shipment options
  • Is faster, always reachable and reacting faster
  • Recommends you the best shipment option
  • Takes care of your shipment from A to Z
  • Takes care of your shipment the way you want us to

Do contact us today for a tailor made solution for your direct mail, administrative mail and/or parcels and from now on take advantage of the convenience and lower shipping costs with World Postal Solutions!

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