Direct entry

Direct entry for direct mail is available in many European countries. Direct entry rates are  based on the local postal rates in the European countries. You have to know all the rules and regulations that are applied in that country.  If you still need to figure these out, this can be very time consuming. World Postal Solutions has contracts in which these rules and regulations have been simplified. In addition to time savings, shipping via direct entry is always cheaper than the international rates. A third advantage of shipping via direct entry is that your direct mailing has a local feel.

World Postal Solutions sends direct mailings for you. We check the shipment, update the database where necessary with a barcode, inform the suppliers and/or the catalogue house about your mailing and first run a check before we send the commission to the production. If the commission is ready for shipment we prepare the paper work for shipment and arrange the transportation, if necessary.

What are the conditions?

Direct entry is possible from 500 pieces on, the exact quantity differs per country.

Direct mail


Direct mail

International shipments always pass a third country. With international mail various shipment options are available. World Postal Solutions chooses the best option for you, based on the different available routes in combination with the contracts we have with the various  local postal companies or partners.  There is no minimum number of pieces in international shipping.

What are the advantages?

  • Unsorted shipment or sorting by country.
  • For shipments to all countries in the world.


Also a combination of direct entry and international mail is possible. For example, your direct mail can be sent via direct entry in the countries where this is available.

In countries where direct entry is not available or where the required minimum numbers for direct entry cannot be reached, the direct mail can be sent as international mail.

We prepare an analysis for you providing information on the cheapest routing for your entire mail traffic.

Direct mail
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